Our interactive test helps you to find out more about your strengths and personal preferences. Take some time and answer the questions honestly – our JOBWIZARD will analyse all facts and display fitting job opportunities at SPAR ICS. Find out about the different ICS AREAs, open job positions and career opportunities at SPAR ICS.

I prefer to work with

my team

my customers

I'm better in motivate

the others


In the team I like to take over

the leadership

the tasks

I would choose

a job with periodical travel activities

an in-house job

I prefer to order the delivery service

via phone


I prefer to

develop new ideas

realize new ideas

At celebrations I talk mostly

with my friends

with strangers

When it comes to new ideas, I make sure that they are



I prefer

to work with a precise plan

to start the work right now

I spend my holidays

always in different places

always in the same place


Well done! Our JOBWIZARD analysed all your answers. The following job positions at SPAR ICS match your interests and qualifications.