The poster of the future: Digital signage at the POS



The Point of Sale is one of the most important touch points in retail and especially attractive for the communication of offers, new products and sales.

These individual and short-dated information change quickly. The rather inflexible medium of the printed poster was therefore not suitable, but, until now, without any alternative.


Since 2015, digital signs in the form of large screens are replacing posters at the point of sale step by step.

The expensive and complex printing, distribution, placement and removal are now a matter of the past. Additionally, new content in the form of moving images can be displayed.

Spar European Shopping  Centers
Spar European Shopping  Centers

Spar European Shopping Centers

For the international SES Shopping Centers, we consolidated info steles, video walls and screen with the backend system. The info steles are equipped with an interactive system that collaborates flawlessly with the existing hardware partners.

In the next step, this solution will be applied internationally. We are developing a language module so that this solution can be implemented in our neighbouring countries, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy.

The technical infrastructure is a collaboration with the Tirolean company Peak Media.

SPAR Fine Foods

In our SPAR supermarkets, digital signs are used mostly in the fine foods department. Not only can be communicated that, for instance, steak is on sale, but also promoted appealingly with a video of the steak sizzling in the pan.

Hence, the customer is not only addressed with the price, but also with flavourful inspiration.

SPAR PK Digital Flagship Store am WU Campus
SPAR PK Digital Flagship Store am WU Campus

Internal communication

For internal communication, touch screens have been installed in the recreation rooms of our employees. Here, they can find, for instance, the Top 20 SPAR News or information relevant for their store.


At Hervis, digital signs do not only provide information, but also evoke emotion: Sales or new products are not only presented but staged in emotional video clips. Hervis employees can steer the digital content on the screens with a smartphone app.