From one click to a vitamin kick - within three working days the new INTERSPAR fruit and vegetable boxes are delivered to any address throughout Austria.

Dropshipping makes it possible!

With the dropshipping solution, the food online store offers goods that are delivered directly to customers via internal or external fulfillment service providers.

The technical implementation was not only limited to the online store, all our systems, which are responsible for fulfillment and logistics, were updated.

Previously, the customer could only receive one order with one delivery; this has now changed significantly and we can deliver several deliveries to the customers per customer order. For each delivery, a distinction can be made between the assortment and the type of delivery.

Furthermore, we have lifted the front end to a new technical platform, separating central store services from front end and design. This was an important step towards a service-oriented architecture. The great technical benefit is that we can use these central services not only for handling the fruit and vegetable boxes, but also for all other e-commerce services.

With this project we have taken our XLR8 e-commerce platform to a new level! We are more flexible and can implement new omnichannel concepts more efficiently and in shorter Time2Market.