Baukran im Tannwerk
Baukran im Tannwerk
ICS HUB-A & Tann Föderlach

Tann News

Tann Föderlach is currently expanding the existing high-bay warehouse and doubling the current pallet capacity from 2220 to more than 3600 storage locations.

What was ICS's role?

During the expansion process, the current high-bay racking control system will be replaced by a new software solution from SSI Schäfer. The outdated rack technology software will be replaced by WAMAS-A (automation) and implemented by ICS. This means that we will use a for the group standardized software for managing the high-bay warehouse.


HUB-A in Wernberg!

To strengthen the international IT teams, SPAR built a new ICS location on the premises of TANN in Wernberg. The modern IT competence center is a new important IT hub for SPAR, which is located nearby our partner countries Croatia, Slovenia and North-East Italy. IT experts are welcome to work in different job roles; the focus is on international tasks and projects. Click here for the open positions!