Best IT Internship

The best IT summer job throughout Austria can only be found with us! 30 IT interns were able to convince themselves of this fact this year as well. 

Unlike other companies, we did not cut our internships, but increased them by a few positions! 23 students started in July and 7 started in August for 4 weeks in our offices in Salzburg, Wernberg and St. Pölten. In addition, there was the well-known ICS Summer Challenge again this year! From July 19 to August 27, a group of 6 interns worked on resource booking in the employee MyICS app. At this point, many thanks to Erol Abay, who was a Summer Challenge intern last year and now act as an intern mentor and technical contact for the app.


What else is needed for a cool IT internship? An awesome social program!


This year's social program was set up as a "cafeteria" model. This means that (beside the fixed events, like Welcome Day, Feedback Round, Graduation Event) interns choose from a variety of ICS activities. They must choose at least two activities (Datacenter visits, Shopping Center Tour, Various Presentations e.g. Enterprise Architecture, eCommerce, and many more). The advantage of this is that trainees who have already been with us will not have to do tours twice or three times, but are rather able to further develop their skills and broaden their area of interest through additional activities.


On Linkedin you can find a short video: we asked 3 interns how they experienced their summer job at ICS. Click here!