HUB X - our new co-working space!



Mitarbeitende arbeiten im HubX
Mitarbeitende arbeiten im HubX

On July 26th we officially opened our Center for Digital Development, Digital Leadership and Excellence in the ICS headquarter in Salzburg - the HubX. The letter X symbolizes the connection between business and IT - cross-business cooperation, mindset, teams and digital business areas for our enterprise future.

The co-working space was created for the digital marketing colleagues of SPAR ICS and the marketing colleagues of SPAR Austria. Bringing the business units together and creating a community atmosphere - that was the aim of the newly created area.

Numerous guests from colleagues to members of the board attended the opening event – thank you for the inspiring opening session.

Mag. Markus Kaser, Andreas Kranabitl, Dr. Gerhard Fritsch, Sonja Loidl und Peter Fuchs