Neue Teamleiter:innen 2021
Neue Teamleiter:innen 2021
fltr: Isabella, Bettina, Christoph, Wolfgang

ICS Careers

With our new team leaders, the year is off to a great start. Read more about who they are and what challenges they will face with their team in 2021 here!

Bettina Joachimbauer, Teamlead Masterdata & Whole Sale, thinks that working with her employees in the office is very important, which is why she currently sees the home office situation as one of the challenges to be mastered. She would like to continue to build on the contact with the team and maintain the participative leadership style. Nevertheless, she also appreciates the advantages of the home office: "With an optimal separation between living space and workplace, it's easier to focus on a topic!" 

In addition to team leadership, she is also a Product Engineer in the wholesale environment, responsible for complaints/returns and production operations. Three things Bettina would recommend to new leaders: Communicate openly, get feedback, and get an overview of internal team issues! For an optimal work-life balance, she regularly spends time in nature.


Isabella Oppeneiger, Teamlead Office Management, coordinates all ICS locations with her team and ensures smooth operations. The Office Management team is an exception when it comes to home offices, as the reception desk must remain the point of contact and the first impression. The team therefore attaches great importance to acting carefully and consciously in the office and they also ensure that there is a fair split between presence in the office & home office. An open exchange is the basis for this. This is exactly what she would recommend to new team leaders to get to know different perspectives and approaches.

"You are only as strong as your team- this thought drives me as a team leader. And as Goethe said, 'Treat people as if they were what they should be and you help them become what they could be.' That's why I focus on loyalty, trust and further development in my team."


"Always on" is the motto for Christoph Haibach, and not just when he's riding his motorcycle! The main tasks of his Digital Operation Team are to ensure the operation of the INTERSPAR and HERVIS online stores as well as the international SPAR marketing content websites, whereby the top priority is of course the 100% availability of the systems for the business departments.

With a cooperative leadership style, Christoph offers his employees an open environment and joint decision-making! "The home office situation is one of the biggest challenges in team leadership. However, being open with my team and trying out processes will help me to master this challenge well."


As Teamlead Application Service Branches, Wolfgang Engel and his team follow the vision "Service Quality & Efficiency". The area of responsibility includes applications such as Access & Security, Real Estate, and many more. In addition, the small and medium-sized applications are to be given a roadmap. As the team is relatively new, a lot of emphasis is put on team building this year. For him, direct and honest communication is the first priority, which his employees appreciate very much.

"The home office issue doesn't simplify it, but through daily meetings as well as team calls, together we can overcome all challenges in the application service team and make ICS fit for the future!"