In-house Software Development

Since 2018, SPAR ICS has focused on technical solution development using, as much as possible, internal developers. Managing Director Andreas Kranabitl commented on this in an interview with Trending Topics: "In-house employees implement continuous development and maintenance more efficiently and effectively, as they are more sensitive to issues such as costs, business value, flexibility or Time2Market. Trust in ICS employees in turn promotes closer ties to the company and the quality of their work".

ICS employees are evidence this is a successful investment

The circumstances caused by the Corona crisis have re-confirmed the strategic decision to insource. Our dedicated IT colleagues have done a great job to collaborate and visualize their output via participation in various forms of virtual meetings (webinars, coaching, virtual bistro, etc.) "There is a real 'drive' in the cooperation with the departments and other company sites. As IT, we are also pleased to be able to make a valuable contribution to safeguarding basic society services here," commented Mr Kranabitl, who also emphasized the motivation of the ICS employees as contributing key factor.


The big internal challenge

Insourcing software development has been a complete success, including the smooth transition throughout the entire SPAR Group. "The biggest challenge was (and still is) that our co-workers and business partners needed to place a lot of trust in us. On top of that came the demanding groundwork and preparation that such a change demands. Only via active communication and transparent handling of various issues (skills, throughput, timeline, interfaces, etc.), we were able to establish the team in such a short timeframe. The in-house transitioning of tasks, to completely bring them in-house, was completed in a little over nine months and we were showing benefits quickly thereafter ", explained Andreas Kranabitl.


ICS has a unique spirit

This success story encourages us to continue growing. At SPAR ICS, young developers have many advantages and opportunities to further develop their craft and profession. "Previous knowledge is good, but not absolutely necessary. We offer various internal and external training opportunities, the opportunity to attend conferences on a regular basis and to exchange know-how with partners", explains Kranabitl. "In daily business, developers find themselves immersed in the unique ICS spirit - characterized by cohesion, shared motivation, a culture of support and a constant drive to achieve great things".

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