That was KickOff 2024 - once again we went back on the „Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Retail Galaxy vol. 2”
ICS Kickoff Teaser 2024
ICS Kickoff Teaser 2024

Summary of KickOff 2024

Every year, we present key topics, successes, failures and projects at our internal event, the ICS Kickoff.

This year, ICS met for the KickOff from January 17 to 18 at the headquarters in Salzburg with a focus on technology topics, from architecture, security, operations, workplace and much more. Around 250 guests on site and around 300 more online followed the event closely.

We discussed the impact of future technologies, digital security standards, the power of DevOps and much more. Setting a #focus and moving forward - that will be the key to guiding us through the galaxy this year. Great keynote speakers - Christiane Moser, Customer & User Experience Professional at CUXpro, Katharina Thiel, Founder Productive People and Adam Bien, Architect and Developer - rounded out this year's program.

Thanks to our ICS team for a great Hitchhiker's Guide to the retail galaxy Vol. 2!