Manuel Hemetsberger
Manuel Hemetsberger
Manuel Hemetsberger, Advanced Analytics Team SPAR ICS

Machine Learning

With Machine Learning (ML), as a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI), IT systems can recognize patterns and algorithms in data and thus develop solutions.

Internal Webinar on Machine Learning

In line with the vision "We are data science leaders within the enterprise", the Advanced Analytics team organized a live webinar on machine learning. Over 120 participants had the chance to get an overview into the basics of machine learning. The team were able to intrigue and explain to an audience, that largely had no previous mathematics or coding experience, the principles and sub-categories of machine learning.

Upon the webinar completion, participants were asked to complete a survey. The feedback gave a clear indication that there is a big interest in this topic.  Particularly diving deeper into the details of artificial intelligence and gathering insights into the current ICS projects in this area. This event has proven to be a success and will certainly lead to further such events in the future!