The new Trainee Programme at ICS


ICS is starting a new Austria-wide SAP Retail Trainee Programme. With this programme, SPAR ICS is primarily targeting graduates at school-leaving level and apprenticeship level with an IT focus. The basic training for Matura graduates as support engineers lasts 24 months - in addition to specialist training, the training package also includes the ICS onboarding programme as well as seminars and e-learning on social skills.


Hole in the wall overlooking a runway at sunset
Hole in the wall overlooking a runway at sunset
Our IT trainee programme

starts immediately and can be completed at several locations throughout Austria. Vienna, St. Pölten, Graz, Marchtrenk, Salzburg, Maria Sall and Wernberg are among the numerous locations.

The employment relationship is limited to 24 months during the first two training modules. However, the training period can be extended - with appropriate development and performance assessment, the trainee programme at ICS can be extended by a further 12 months and become a permanent employment relationship.

The trainees work actively in the teams from the very beginning and learn directly from the experts. They are accompanied by a mentor all the time, there are regular feedback loops and there will also be a coaching offer - the package is rounded off with an attractive training salary.