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"Finding the right people"


- Andreas Kranabitl, Managing Director of SPAR ICS, sees this as one of the biggest challenges in IT in his interview for the Kärntner Zeitung.

SPAR ICS currently has around 600 employees. The headquarters of SPAR ICS is located in Salzburg, other Austria-wide locations are in Vienna and Wernberg, Carinthia. There are also ICS headquarters in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.

Under the motto "Follow the technology", our employees are shaping the retail of the future in international cooperation. Everyone can participate in major projects within the group, "regardless of whether someone is based in Salzburg, Wernberg, Vienna, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia or Croatia" - says Andreas Kranabitl.

Here is the interview in full length:



Kärtner Zeitung in April 2022