Darstellung Data science
Darstellung Data science

Advanced Analytics

Our Advanced Analytics Team is dedicated to the automated analysis of data or content using highly advanced tools and technologies. By using Advanced Analytics it is possible to predict future events and behavior.

Advanced Analytics in Retail

Here are some examples of past and current projects that have already been implemented or are currently implemented by the Advanced Analytics Team:

  • Forecasts of sales figures (especially for promotion periods) are used to ensure the availability of goods for the end customer and to reduce spoilage and unnecessarily high stock levels.
  • Personalization solutions and recommender systems help (especially in the eCommerce and CRM environment) to provide end customers with the right products and customized offers.
  • Anomaly Detection solutions are able to automatically check data (e.g. company master data) for outliers or incorrect entries.
  • Predictive maintenance solutions are used to ensure smooth production operations (e.g. based on camera or sensor data).
  • Location simulations can be used to determine the right locations for new stores and to simulate different scenarios to define the right size and assortment.
  • ... and many more!