Technology Radar

We don't just talk about technologies, we also implement them! Our technological portfolio covers omnichannel concepts, data & analytics, HCM, workplace, operations, and much more. But we never lose the focus on RETAIL.

In our technology platform, we have all processes, products, programming languages, frameworks and services on our radar. This ensures a perfect overview of our technology stack:

  • Technologies in deployment (Adopt): Container Platform, DevOps Engineering, S/4HANA, Cloud Native, Kanban, and many more.
  • Technologies with potential for deployment (Trial): Cloud Access Management, PowerBI, CIAM, FIDO2, and many more.
  • Evaluation of new technologies (Assess): Azure SQL, NoSQL, Google Services, Serverless, and many more.
  • Deprecated technologies (Deprecated): The actuality and lifetime of technologies is constantly evaluated by our experts.

Just like the IT industry, our radar is dynamic and agile! Due to the ongoing technological developments in all areas across the departments of ICS, it is important to keep an eye on the trends in order to make the Retail Leader fit for the future.