Open Positions
Manuela Thal

ICS Service Desk

The SPAR ICS Service Desk is committed to providing optimal support and customer satisfaction; these are the top priorities. 

When the roof is on fire...

The service team handles about 80,000 tickets a year. In addition to service basics such as call handling, ticket routing and incident management, IT users have access to a wide range of support services. These support services include Microsoft Windows and Office support, installation of software and hardware, remote working support, mobile device management, user and access management to name a few.

The service desk employees work with a ticket system – a specialized software that handles the capture, receipt, confirmation, classification and processing of customer requests. Essentially, it ensures the central collection of customer requests and that the routing of tasks runs smoothly. All requests from internal customers (SPAR, Hervis, SES) via the ticket system, phone call or e-mail are entered into the system by the employees and processed with the support of an extensive knowledge database. When a system critical ticket comes in, the Service Desk specialists are on the job within minutes. 

The meat of the matter...

Manuela Thal is the new Team Lead of the Service Desk, effective January 1, 2020, and always keeps a cool head. As a qualified butcher, she knows what is important for customer communication what is needed for great customer service – she knows how to get to the meat of the matter.

Teamwork: Mutual support and trust are the key ingredients.

Embracing tough customers: Have no fear from tough customers, positivity and service will win through.

Understanding: The team takes care of all issues, shows understanding and offers professional competence in every situation. Even in hectic phases, everyone keeps a cool head and maintains an overview.

An eye for detail: Solution-oriented work also means analysing events in order to learn from them. The devil is in the detail and helps get us to a perfect solution.

Medium please: As a middle or intermediate point, the Service Desk ensures that tickets are assigned to the right people and processed as quickly as possible.

"Our customers are also our SPAR work colleagues. Respectful communication and collaboration are our top priorities," says Manuela Thal.