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The New Digital Work

Over the last few weeks, the “new digital way of work” has been the catalyst for extremely quick organizational transformation. Home office and online meetings via video conferencing have challenged many companies, however at SPAR ICS, our teams have managed to learn and pivot quickly, and now it’s just daily business.

Fit for Home Office

The rapid spread of the coronavirus presented new challenges for both ICS employees and the wider SPAR Group. While ensuring the IT operations continued uninterrupted, over 4,000 colleagues (ICS and SPAR headquarters) needed to go through the “Home Office Fitness Check”. This meant the rapid deployment of needed hardware and devices, super-fast account setup and creation and optimizing WLAN connections. Now our focus is to ensure the 5000+ video conferences scheduled everyday run flawlessly. 

Digital versus Physical

Right from the start, our employees were the key to our home office strategy, and this led us to focus on two areas: Communication & Culture!

The New Digital Way of Work concept meant quickly adapting to working remotely and therefore it was especially important for us to keep our finger on the team spirit pulse and minimize the distance our employees were feeling while working from home.  We actively sought feedback from our employees via weekly surveys to understand, with real data, how our colleagues were managing in their home office (equipment, tools, tasks, etc.). We also requested input as to our employees’ personal well-being. The response was better than expected and most of it was positive and helpful. The SPAR ICS Spirit also made itself felt via digital channels. Our teams were clearly motivated to be working on IT solutions that were being swiftly deployed live and making real impacts on the lives of our customers in our physical and online stores. 

We also built on our strategic investments in the communication infrastructure by offering opportunities for virtual connections. A virtual bistro was launched for teams to have a coffee and a virtual chat. Our corporate events continued after being transformed and optimized for our digital platforms. Further initiatives such as webinars, coaching and after work sessions were all optimised and offered in a digital format. All these initiatives have been integral for the continued motivation of our SPAR ICS employees and to promote our ICS spirit.