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We’re Hiring!

In our article titled “New Digital Work”, we reported that daily business at SPAR ICS continues despite the corona crisis. This also applies to recruiting!

The latest technology…

Our digitalized and virtual recruitment process is already delivering impressive results. All job interviews have been conducted using Skype for Business, and the first colleagues have already started a virtual onboarding process, managed with the latest communication and collaboration technology and tools.

The positive feedback we are receiving from our “Newbies”, such as Dominik and Andreas, confirms our pioneering role in the employer market with our online recruiting process. On their first working day, new employees come to the ICS Office to collect their modern equipment (laptop, mobile phone, screen etc.), as well as training for setting up their virtual office and lots of information for their onboarding and training plan.  The employee’s manager is also on-site to greet them, help them setup their virtual office, and conduct the first "Welcome Skype-Call" with the wider team.

Once setup in their virtual office, new employees can dial in at any time to get in contact with their team members (in fact this is encouraged) so our Newbies quickly get in touch with the ICS Spirit, which makes it a whole lot easier to navigate together the onboarding process virtually.

Tips for applicants

We asked our recruiters, team leads and managers, what gives candidates an edge in a video interview. Here is what they said:

  1. Interview structure and content – A video interview is like a normal interview – try to relax and look directly into the camera to make eye contact.  As in a normal interview, we are interested in understanding why you are interested in working for SPAR ICS, your strengths and weaknesses and your career aspirations.
  2. Technology – make sure you test, before the call, that your Skype and camera are working as expected, and more importantly, you have a stable internet connection. Check the picture and sound to make sure it looks OK, especially your video. Log in a few minutes before the interview to make sure everything is working. This makes a significant difference to how relaxed and ready you will be for the interview.
  3. Outfit – Suit and tie or t-shirt and jeans? Wear what you feel comfortable in. A little tip from us. Dress your top half and your bottom half….yep, you got it, wear pants :-)

Come and get to know us, virtually, in your living room! We’re looking forward to meeting you. Check out our vacancies here