Archie and Fixy

Robotic Process Automation is becoming more and more important. Also in our business! New software robots were developed in the course of the implementation and the bachelor thesis of Alexander Krubner (FH Salzburg).

The software robots are called "Archie" and "Fixy". They are trained by the Business Automation & Integration team, which deals with the new technology, among other things. The digital helpers ensure that their colleagues can concentrate on more interesting and complex things and thus enjoy their work more. When the two are done with the assigned work, the digital helpers inform their colleagues about the status and the next steps via email.

Robotic Process Automation

Digital transformation is a trendy word that many companies are currently dealing with or have to deal with. One technology that is becoming increasingly important in the context of digitalization is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). A software robot developed by RPA interprets data, manages it and processes the results across multiple applications. The goals of this technology are to achieve faster process turnaround times, eliminate potential errors, and save time by automating repetitive processes. As a further result, employees can devote themselves to more complex and creative activities, while the robotized processes concerned become more standardized.

Bachelor thesis cooperation

Alexander Krubner is studying "Business Informatics and Digital Transformation" at the FH Salzburg. The goal of the bachelor's degree is to master complex problems - for example, the automation of business processes - through innovative approaches. Competencies from the fields of IT and business administration are thus combined. Since the program was new at the time, he is one of the first graduates, as well as the year and program representative in the university of applied sciences. With his bachelor thesis "Robotic Process Automation - Strategic and successive integration in companies to build up sustainable competitive advantages" he made a valuable contribution to ICS in this field as an intern. After graduation, he will work full-time on awareness and driving RPA processes forward.

"You have to understand business processes, analyze them in detail and optimize them based on defined criteria. Especially since SPAR ICS gives me a lot of flexibility, I can bring innovative and maybe atypical ideas, from which both parties benefit."


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