Andreas Kranabitl
Andreas Kranabitl
Andreas Kranabitl, Managing Director

Smooth IT Operation

SPAR ICS has always been on the right track. We ensure that all IT systems run smoothly as well as being an innovative force for the Group.

Crisis Heroes

In the CASH article, employees within the trade were challenged to describe, with a personal story, how they are mastering these challenging times. In addition to other representatives of SPAR, our managing director Andreas Kranabitl also had something to offer.

His story begins with words of appreciation for our IT specialists, and reflects on the task force, the projects and a flawless communications infrastructure.

"There is a real "drive" that can be felt in the co-operation with the departments and other company units. As IT, we are pleased to be able to make a valuable contribution to ensuring basic services continue to run in these times.”

The complete article (in German) can be found here.