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Team of the year "Store Retail"

Team of the Year

There is more IT in a store than you might think at first glance. Gerald Peterleitner, Team Lead of the team Store Retail, 2019’s Team Of The Year, knows this all too well. The Store Retail team takes care of a number of the technical systems that perform the sales processes and critical functions within an outlet as well as our SES shopping centers. These systems include, but are certainly not limited to, cash register software and hardware, weighing scales, promotion systems, retail space management, and much more.

The role model effect

At the end of 2019, the team received the coveted "Team of the Year" award, demonstrating that their team is living proof of our motto "WE PUSH LIMITS". A clearly defined team vision and mission statement has proven to be instrumental for the team to face and conquer their daily challenges. With an eye always on the ball, the team delivers all projects, with excellent quality, and on time. In addition to day-to-day and project work, the team ensures that a focus is also placed on team member personal advancement and achievement. Two team members were nominated and accepted into the prestigious ICS Talent Management Program 2020, and every team member has a regularly updated personal development and career plan. 

Trouble Shooters & Project Pioneers

The Store Retail team is responsible for the perfect strategic alignment and further development of the technical systems that power our retail spaces. Not to mention that Store Retail must balance and deliver two of our organisation’s top projects this year.

Gerald Peterleitner is enthusiastic: "We are very proud of our achievements to date and look forward to even further exciting challenges in 2020! What certainly distinguishes us as a team is our End2End service and delivery mentality and that we always lead by example".