Open Positions
We celebrate 5 years of successful cooperation

SPAR ICS is an important partner of the degree program Information Technology & System Management (ITS) at FH Salzburg. "Many of our IT employees are alumni of Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, also in lead positions", say Andreas Kranabitl, Managing Director of SPAR ICS and Hannes Leobacher, Head of IT SPAR ICS Austria. "We know that these students are hard to get and therefore it is obvious that the cooperation will continue. We value the education and it is a win-win situation for both sides."

SPAR ICS also wants to create enthusiasm for IT and strengthen the IT location of Salzburg. Students are granted insights into the company and through practical lectures, SPAR ICS shows that IT is the lifeline of the retail industry.

In addition, the "" program offers students an opportunity to gain practical experience at one of Salzburg's top IT companies, as well as an attractive salary and tuition fees, and a living allowance of 120 euros per month. "It is very important to us to provide the local economy with top-trained specialists", says Gerhard Jöchtl, ITS director and adds: "Collaborations such with SPAR ICS help us attract and inspire more young people to study IT at the FH Salzburg."

Business Informatics & Digital Transformation

The involvement of companies is a key success factor for the development of new training concepts. This is also the case with the new degree program of FH Salzburg. Jöchtl: "In order to design the best possible curriculum and to prepare students optimally for the job market, we need up-to-date know-how from the business community." It was therefore very pleasing that SPAR ICS was also involved in the development of the new degree program Business Informatics & Digital Transformation. As a member of the development team of the new study program, SPAR ICS representatives and ITS graduate Andreas Ranftl were able to contribute valuable perspectives.