Workplace Technology

The latest work equipment and up-to-date software provide an optimal working experience for all our SPAR ICS employees. The side effect? Motivation and productivity increase! 

A workplace of the future

Our workplace technologists daily face the question: What can we do to create a modern working environment? A new ICS studio, videoconference systems in all meeting rooms, info screens, etc., have already been introduced for a "new way of working".

But we have more to offer! Through our product range of Windows, Mac, Mobile and Tablets, we focus on the Any Device Workplace in all our activities. This means that the user can decide on which device and how he/she wants to work. Even if the devices are different, the office functionalities (email, data exchange, VC, etc.) and user data are available on every device. Here, the excellent IT service is always in the spotlight.

Digitalisation is changing our workplace, that is nothing new. However, we are now faced with the challenge of inspiring our end users for new models of collaboration and taking their wishes and expectations into account. Because the best possible use of the tools, as well as the newly gained flexibility, represent the greatest advantage for all of us.

Through a survey on the topic "Workplace of the future", we are now certain that the implementation and rollout of Office 365 are the right steps towards the workplace of the future.

In addition to the continuous development of our systems and workspaces, the security and stability of our clients is another top priority. More than 5,000 Workplace Clients are kept up to date using a multi-stage update concept. Our tip for applicants in the technology area: Time to market is extremely important! Today's technology may already be obsolete tomorrow. Always keep an eye on the market and recognise which technology end users and our departments need.

We are looking for technologists who will join us in creating the future of retail!