Robert Guggenberger

Product Engineer


Robert Guggenberger, Product Engineer

Since 2012, Robert is part of SPAR ICS. Together with his team, he maintains a total of 50 websites of the SPAR group.

He appreciates (and adds to) the particular team spirit at SPAR ICS.


What did you do before you started at SPAR ICS?

After a technological course of studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, I worked for a small IT consulting team, where I studied and implemented new and exciting topics. I then transferred to SPAR ICS, because I wanted to develop myself further.

What is your job at SPAR ICS?

I am responsible for the technological base as well as for consulting and developing of the SPAR group’s content websites, namely www.spar.at, www.interspar.at and so on.


What does your typical working day look like?

Alongside classical project work, there are always new challenges arising from our diversified website landscape.

When you take care of 50 different websites, your typical workdays are very diverse.

Tell us about your most exciting working day at SPAR ICS so far.

I fondly remember the great team spirit during a particularly challenging project.

Thanks to our cross-departmental collaboration throughout the whole SPAR ICS, we were able to finish a critical web project successfully.

The team spirit in this time was truly unique.

What do you appreciate most working for SPAR ICS?

Alongside the technological diversity and the challenges, I really appreciate the great team spirit, which has been worked on intensively in the last few years.


Robert is our great role model: He is very disciplined when it comes to his smartphone consumption, and he does a lot of sports – as long as he is not hunting the next culinary treat online or in Salzburg.

After all, one needs to keep discipline and indulgence in balance.

What is your favourite private activity?  

I try to do sports as often as possible to balance the office work. 

Apart from hiking or street workout, I always keep my eyes open for new culinary highlights, may it be recipes or restaurants. 


Is there a hobby that also helps in your job?

I am much more evenly-tempered, thanks to exercising. 

This balance helps at work, of course. 

If you could meet a celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?

Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I am very impressed by his self-motivation and his stamina. The way he always reinvents himself (bodybuilding, acting, politics, protection of the environment) inspires me.


How many times a day do you check your smartphone?

I am trying to be aware of my smartphone consumption.

I deactivated or muted all push notifications or to avoid feeling stressed by this overstimulation.