Quick snack: Lunch with the SPAR Snackaway App

The SPAR Digital Innovation Lab consists of experts of the areas IT, sales, shopfitting, process management and marketing. The Digital Innovation Lab creates retail innovations in collaboration with the Institute of Retailing and Marketing at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Peter Schnedlitz. One of these innovations is the Snackaway App.


Quickly in, quickly out – we do not want to spend our lunch break in the queue at the supermarket checkout. Best Case: we order what we would like to eat with a few clicks and pick up our food without long waiting, simple as that. This way, we can make the most out of our lunch break.

At the SPAR market on the grounds of the campus, long waiting at the counter and at the checkout was not uncommon during the day and especially after the end of classes – until the launch of the Snackaway App.



The SPAR Snackaway App is a modern solution for quicker processes at the point of sale for snack customers by the SPAR Digital Innovation Lab. You can order your favourite snack via the app and pick it up at your preferred point of time – time-savingly in a separate fridge near the checkout.

The SPAR market on site is relatively small, because of that a solution for the long checkout queues became crucial. Therefore, the payment process was enhanced by additional self-checkout terminals.

This is a win-win situation for our customers as well as our market employees.


The SPAR Snackaway App is provided at the innovation location at the Campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business and is made use of extensively. Thanks to the simple ordering, pick-up and payment processes, the waiting time in the market has reduced significantly, despite a higher customer frequency.

The employees at the SPAR ICS headquarters in Salzburg can order breakfast and lunch via the SPAR Snackaway App, as well. The snack bags are prepared in a nearby INTERSPAR hyper market and delivered economically by bike messenger at two different times a day.

In June 2019, the SPAR Snackaway App is launched at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Moreover, the implementation at the Vienna Airport is in the pipeline.