Good connections: High-speed internet for SPAR European Shopping Centers

Fast internet connections are one of the most essential prerequisites for the digitalisation of our shopping centres, and it is also a crucial factor for customer satisfaction.

The SES standards for our shopping centres are high – and the technical implementation is complex.


The particular architectonical conditions in our shopping centres, which are usually built with much glass, and the pre-existing technology pose a great challenge for installing a new Wi-Fi infrastructure

To provide high-performative Wi-Fi connections for our customers at all public mall spaces and in the restaurants, we needed sound project management.


In the course of several separate projects, the network infrastructure of each shopping centre was updated to meet the defined SES standards: The hardware was changed to Cisco, the connections were changed to fibreglass and the software infrastructure, was structured with VLANs.

The infrastructure of the customer Wi-Fi was expanded and designed for approx. 6,000 simultaneous users.

Since the project start in 2015, the Wi-Fi infrastructure of three to four shopping centres per year is updated.