SPAR Mahlzeit!

Recipes for every mood

Woman preparing tasty taco on wooden table
Woman preparing tasty taco on wooden table


We are doing it every day. If we are not doing it, we are thinking about it. Studies show: Up to 220 times a day. Of, course we are talking about eating.

There is nothing we have more routine with and nothing that suffers more from routine than eating. The choice is vast – and this is often the problem: We just cannot decide.


In close collaboration with the SPAR marketing department, we are developing a prototype for a taste and mood-based inspirational system at the ICS innovation lab: a culinary “Spotify” so to speak.

The first categories are “Herbstl’n duats” (fall is coming), “Wie bei Mama” (just like home) and “Viva Italia”. In these categories, customers find matching recipes and maybe even dishes they would not have found via the regular way.