The idea behind SPAR ICS "Come together"


Internal communications are extremely important for ICS to supply the team with the information, to drive company culture, to connect the leaders and the staff, to engage people and to strengthen employer brand. Especially offline events are vital to boost corporate culture, collaboration, and motivation.

The idea behind SPAR ICS "Come together"
The idea behind SPAR ICS "Come together"
To know personally

SPAR ICS management knows about the values of internal talks, discussions, standups, and dialogues for team development. That is why the company holds different events and integrates various communicative tools to motivate, to inform and to be on the same page all together. One of the most effective collaborative undertakings is ICS Come together.

About ICS Come together

ICS management and executives, colleagues from different locations and departments could get to know the new and old colleagues personally over an after-work drink. The main aim of ICS Come together is to receive feedbacks, to ask questions and to stimulate constructive communications. This event started in 2022 and was held in the three locations in Austria (Vienna, Salzburg and Wernberg (Carinthia)). It is organized by the people engagement team – an event from colleagues for colleagues. 

Offline meeting when IT operates online 

“ICS Come together and talking together is essential and vital for our team. In particular, it is essential to meet in person when we are mainly working online. Coming together has a double positive effect, when we can discuss business goals, innovations and personal topics at the same time“, commented Joachim Mayer, head of People Engagement Team.

Business 2 People communicative tools by SPAR ICS

Besides ICS Come together many other online and offline possibilities, in the area of professional as well as social events, are provided to the employees to foster interpersonal collaboration. One of the most favorite events is, for example, Summer Party. #WEAREICS is the friendly hashtag that means strategy driven, team player and trusted.