Our innovation project "Fruit and vegetables 3 days fresher" wins the "Future of European Commerce Award"


SPAR Austria Group won the "Future of European Commerce Award", presented for the first time by EuroCommerce, in the digitization category. EuroCommerce is the most important European interest group for retailers and wholesalers and comprises international interest groups from 27 countries. 

Our innovation project "Fruit and vegetables 3 days fresher" analyzed and improved the planning, procurement and delivery of fruit and vegetables across all systems and processes at SPAR Austria. The aim of the project was to offer consumers fruit and vegetables that are ripe for consumption at the locations.

At the heart of the new IT solution is the perfected calculation of sales volumes. Artificial intelligence is used to analyze data on sales volumes, weather conditions, special offers, marketing campaigns, seasonality and numerous other factors, enabling a precise prediction of the optimal quantity per store. The result is a prediction accuracy of over 90 percent.

This is an insanely great award for the work done by around 160 SPAR employees from the areas of IT, process management, logistics, product range and quality assurance!

More information at:SPAR Österreich gewinnt mit Innovationsprojekt "Obst und Gemüse 3 Tage frischer" den „Future of European Commerce Award“ - SPAR Österreich | Online Presse-Center