Without a plan, every innovation is just an idea: Our managers bring creative flings of fancy down to earth and make applications out of whims.

The turn suggestions into elaborate concepts, ensure the applications within the frames of time, costs and quality by detailed planning and organising, crunch numbers and data, colleagues and business partners and male sure that every idea turns into one of these innovations that make us at SPAR ICS as successful as we are.


Here, you find an overview of all managing job roles.


Demand Manager

The customer whisperer: Demand Managers are the high-frequency interface between our business partners and us. They ensure that the demands of our business partners turn into implementations quickly and flawlessly.


IT Project Manager

Keeper of the balance: Our IT Project Manager keep the holy trinity of the project management – timing, costs and quality – poised. They know at any given point of time, which step has to be taken by whom, and coordinate our time and motivate our human resources. The remove spokes in the wheels and make us achieve our milestones on the ways of our projects.


Scrum Master

Hands on: Our Scrum Masters do not start their journey with target planning, but with the first step. After quick sprints, they evaluate their results and decide how to proceed. With their experience and their learnings, they optimise our solutions with every sprint they do.


IT Manager/DIO

The Department Information Officer, brief: DIO, is the considerate interface between business partners and SPAR ICS for his or her business field. DIOs work out the strategies with our business partners and watch over the operative implementation; they also avoid or solve conflicts.