Spar ICS Outdoor Möbel Foto: Neumayr/Leo 24.08.2022
Welcome to ICS!

We would like to give you an insight into our internal workflow, the corporate culture and our wide range of training opportunities. 

Here you will find all the answers to your most frequently asked questions!

Is it possible to work part-time?

In principle, we at SPAR ICS also have many different part-time models in use. With every application, we look at the individual situation and see if we can find a common model - so part-time work is definitely not a reason for exclusion!

What is the corporate culture like?

Our hashtag #weareics is more than just a slogan. Community, good cooperation and a pleasant culture are very important to us and our colleagues give us very good feedback! We have a "you" culture and many initiatives and events are aimed at strengthening the community.

How are projects managed? What methods are used?

Our approach is to use the most appropriate model. We have classic "waterfall" projects, which we run with project teams at all stages, as well as agile methods and Scrum teams, which work continuously on the development of products. Hybrid forms are also used, depending on the situation or our internal customers.

How well does cross-departmental collaboration work?

In many areas we have constellations in which colleagues from different departments work together on an ongoing and interdisciplinary basis, even sitting together in the same room. The department is our "home base" and we deal with disciplinary issues there, but we also work together across departmental boundaries. There is always room for improvement, but departmental boundaries are not a barrier for us.

Does the company have special measures for team development?

Yes, very many. In addition to the ongoing development of managers, our teams are always doing extraordinary activities to ensure good development. This can go in all directions. Our management always gives us a very good framework for this.

How high is the fluctuation rate and why do employees leave the company?

In fact, despite the very tense situation on the job market, we fortunately don't have any massive fluctuation problems. There are always painful departures, but the turnover rate is below the industry average. We conduct exit interviews with all colleagues who leave us and take the feedback very seriously in order to constantly improve. Our average length of service is 9 years, despite many new hires in recent years. We can always celebrate service anniversaries, from 10 to 40 years, everything is included!

What are the challenges for SPAR ICS?

SPAR ICS is the IT company of SPAR Austria Group. In various sectors (food retail, sporting goods retail, shopping center business), the digitization of these sectors not only has to be accompanied, but led - through our proactive work we enable the group to maintain the leadership in the market. Our slogan #wecreateretailfuture requires us to be that decisive step ahead in many areas and to demonstrate excellent performance.

How does the onboarding work?

We design an individual learning journey for each newcomer, creating the optimal environment for a good start. Contact points and an "ICS Buddy" are defined so that there is always someone to turn to. Our Welcome Days provide the most important information and our ICS Academy offers an onboarding program to learn the most important things right away. We also actively survey our newbies after a few weeks about their onboarding experience and use this feedback to continually improve the process.

How do you show me that you are satisfied with my performance? How will the success of the work be measured?

We align the ICS objectives with the business objectives of SPAR and work through a strategic playbook that is reflected in annual targets. In addition, very detailed performance feedback is conducted with all colleagues at least once a year. More than 10 different dimensions are analysed in order to provide truly valuable feedback.

Is there a personnel development strategy and what are its goals and measures?

We have a role model at SPAR ICS - the various roles are divided into the maturity levels "Junior", "Professional" and "Senior". An employee competence model provides information about which competences are necessary to fulfill the requirements of the role. Together with the supervisor, this can be analyzed at any time and the result often leads to development roadmaps and plans.

How will you support my personal development?

In addition to our ICS Academy with its wide range of training courses, we also use the power of SPAR personnel development to find the right, individual package. A wealth of training opportunities, such as our ICS Talent Management program, are aimed at expanding your “personal toolbox” and being able to grow personally.

What career models are there other than management careers?

Our role model allows for growth in both specialist careers (e.g. becoming a Product Lead for an IT product) and generalist careers (e.g. becoming a Service Owner responsible for an entire IT service). The breadth of our technical and organisational portfolio means that there is virtually no role or area of expertise that you cannot immerse yourself in. Internal changes of role or area are supported and encouraged.