Jasmin Walzinger

Lead Software Engineering eCommerce & WEB


Jasmin Walzinger, Lead Software Engineering eCommerce & WEB

While studying engineering at university, Jasmin also worked for a web development company.  Upon graduating in 2015, Jasmin then joined the SPAR ICS team. She leads now the software engineering teams that handle international software projects in the area of eCommerce and web for the SPAR Austria Group. 


What do you do at SPAR ICS?

My software development teams are responsible for the further development, operation and future-proof optimisation of the solutions we support for the SPAR Austria Group.

These include the international online shops and content websites, but also our B2B and LowCode solutions.

Specifically, I am responsible for the smooth running of the development process as well as for the development and technical development of the software engineers. Strategically, my main focus is our sourcing strategy. Always with a focus on my personal goal:

 SPAR ICS offers top jobs and attractive career paths for software engineers.


What is your typical day at work like?

I don't have a "typical" working day. Every day brings something new. In the last few months, my focus has been on building and developing new in-house developer teams. The big challenge for 2022 will be to develop our software engineers professionally and to professionalise the new areas.


What has been your most exciting day in SPAR ICS to date?

It is difficult to select just one day, as the entire spring of 2019 was exciting. We were heavily involved in rolling out a lot of stabilization measures and performance enhancements for online shop middleware components, and these were having a noticeable effect. I was also part of an initiative that started in 2018 to implement zero downtime deployments for all eCommerce stores. On top of that, we were right in the middle of setting up the internal software engineering team, which took over the shops completely from the partner in the same year. This was the foundation stone for our current in-house strategy.

Is there a project of which you are particularly proud?

Yes. SPAR ICS made a strategic decision to entirely insource the development for the eCommerce online stores, and this signaled the start of project "SUNRISE".  The goal of project "SUNRISE" was to build-up an internal development team to take over the source code responsibility from our 3rd party partner, and further develop, operate and optimize the software, naturally in the shortest timeframe possible. 

We achieved the goal within one year, in no small part due to the fantastic professional and personal commitment of all involved people and teams. That was a great performance!

Since then, other in-house initiatives have been launched under the code name "SUNRISE" and have been just as successful on the ground. In 2020 we started with the international content websites and in 2021 we were able to build up a LowCode team and also take over the B2B applications internally. 


What do you like best about SPAR ICS?

The company is constantly evolving, and our people are continually innovating and developing across a wide spectrum of fields.  One has the chance to work with new technologies, as well as benefit from the emphasis the company places on investment in corporate culture and employee satisfaction. Our corporate culture promotes the highest professionalism within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, AKA “the ICS spirit”.



Being open-minded: this is important for Jasmin both privately and professionally.  Whether travelling, simply eating or deep in a technical project, Jasmin is always on top of the latest trends and brings this into her professional work.

Keeping up to date is important to Jasmin not only for herself, but also for her colleagues. Since 2019, she has been the lead of the internal developer community, which already consists of more than 50 developers. Through regular MeetUps and Coding Dojos, the software engineers keep each other up to date.

What do you like to do outside of work?

A love of technical gimmicks – this is probably the biggest occupational hazard affecting almost every computer scientist. In addition, I enjoy travelling, cooking and culture, as well as trying out anything new.


What has been the best decision you have made so far in your professional career?

To embark upon and complete my technical degree. This has enabled me to practice my profession.


Do you have a hobby that also helps you in your job?

Being open to try new things and seeing every change as an opportunity are good prerequisites for being successful in a rapidly changing (IT) world.


Where in the world would you like to live?

Definitely Austria. Safety, standard of living, culture, cuisine, seasons and landscapes….it’s simply an amazing place. 

But I still prefer to spend my holidays abroad. I wouldn't want to miss cool cities, dream beaches or impressive cultural hotspots.