Be water, my friend!

Sandeep Bhullar

Solution Consultant / Product Lead


Sandeep Bhullar, Solution Consultant/ Product Lead

Rising Star: Sandeep started his career at SPAR ICS in 2015 with a internship as part of his bachelor studies.

He then worked as a Solution Consultant and Product Leader of SEO and user experience – and he managed to rise into that position while finishing the FH Salzburg with Dip.-Ing. degree in IT. Now he is responsible for mobile B2C apps and all Android and iOS applications used by SPAR customers!

At SPAR ICS, as a certified industrial mechanic and passionate hobby chef, he can combine two of his passions: The one for technology and the one for good food.


What did you do before you started at SPAR ICS?

Before studying at the FH, I did an apprenticeship with a certificate as an industrial mechanic and worked in this field for about half a year.

What does your typical working day look like?

As a consultant, my every day's work at SPAR ICS is mainly in helping our customers to come up with solutions and support them to proceed. That can range from concepts for software solutions to evaluation and user experiences, analysing applications/apps or programming an Alexa Skills prototype. In any case, I am continually working together closely with my colleagues and our customers.


Tell us about your most exciting working day at SPAR ICS so far.

That I remember very well it was the first time I presented at the ICS Kick-off. For a start, my car broke down in the morning for the first time ever. I literally just made it to the event and then forgot about half of my text. But the colleagues were very generous and gave me great feedback. I took my chance in the following year and made up for everything.

What project makes you especially proud?

In 2018 our team created a tool which reduces a process that took almost several days to then only a few minutes. And not just our team is happy with that result we got very positive feedback from all our clients. This makes me proud an motivates me.


What do you appreciate most working for SPAR ICS?

I do really appreciate the team spirit and the possibility to develop according to my interests. Whenever I want to extend my expertise into different fields, I just need to address it, and SPAR ICS makes it possible.



After his final apprenticeship examination as an industrial mechanic, Sandeep decided to study IT at the FH Salzburg, which in his opinion was the best decision in his life.

He kept his passion for technology and engineering, which is as well useful in his current job.

Sandeep is following various blogs and scientific reports to keep up-to-date with technological innovations – digital as well as analogue.

Imagine you were food – what would you be?

"Be water, my friend", like Bruce Lee said.
Water can adjust to every situation and still – it’s water – this kind of matches my job and the IT sector in general. We unite several disciplines like consulting, software development and continuously find new perspectives. 

What challenged you most lately and were you able to find a solution yet?

I was unsure of something while creating a budget forecast. With the help of one of my colleagues, I was able to find the right solution and learn something new. 

How many times a day do you check your smartphone?

It gets less and less – I am now checking my Apple Watch ;)

If your life were made into a movie: Who would play our role?

Rami Malik – without the fake teeth.