Günther Prossinger

Born in Upper Austria, he has been with SPAR Austria since 2007. The electrical engineer would never have thought that he would end up in IT - before SPAR, Günther worked in the field of engine injection pumps. His interest in SPAR and the sales processes behind the shelves only awoke with his specialization in telecommunications technology. "That was my entry into the world of IT and retail. Originally, I didn't want to stay longer than two years," says Günther. Since joining the company, he has held various positions in application management - as team leader of the Store Retail team, as Domain Architect and, since 2021, as Enterprise Architect for the Sales division. "I learned everything about the retail business at SPAR ICS."

Congratulations on the award, Günther!

Nicola Trescato

The native Italian started as a system administrator at SPAR in Italy in 2003. At his own request, Nicola moved to Austria in 2008 to gain international experience, get to know the company and his Austrian colleagues better and learn German. "It was a truly extraordinary experience for me to live and work in Austria for five years," says Nicola. In 2010, Nicola completed the ICS Excellence Program and became an IT Project Manager. "This career leap allowed me to celebrate personal success and achieve professional satisfaction." Nicola returned to Italy in 2014, obtained the Project Manager Professional certification in 2018 and has been Head of the IT Infrastructure department at SPAR ICS Italy since 2020

Congratulations on the award, Nicola!

Aysun Aras

Since 2017, Aysun has been taking care of the smooth running of all organizational issues at SPAR ICS, organizing catering at meetings, processing orders and coordinating cleaning services, thus ensuring a flawless working environment. Aysun is the good soul of ICS - all processes run in the background only thanks to her great commitment. "I've been doing this job for many years and have gained a lot of experience. The award came as a great surprise to me, so I'm all the more delighted about the recognition," says Aysun.  

Congratulations on the award, Aysun!

Christoph Weinberger

Born in Upper Austria, he has been working for SPAR Austria since 2003. Christoph developed an affinity and interest in technology and electronics at an early age - "the first time I heard the dial-up sound of a 64k modem, my fascination for how it works and the processes in the background was awakened," says Christoph. After graduating from the technical college in Braunau am Inn, specializing in computer engineering, Christoph came to SPAR through a recommendation. Since then, he has held various positions - from Operating to entry into 7/24 Support to his current position as Service Owner of the IRIS data platform.

Congratulations on the award, Christoph!

Andreas Kutsche

After completing his degree in mathematics in Augsburg, Andreas joined SPAR Austria in 1994. His interest in IT as a career field arose during his studies. "I chose computer science as a minor subject for my mathematics degree - I liked it so much that I ended up writing my thesis in computer science," says Andreas. Initially, Andreas was responsible for system integration and networks, but after a few years he shifted his focus to databases and SAP systems and has been Senior Product Lead for SAP Basis since 2023.

Congratulations on the award, Andreas!