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Gerald Bergmaier

Service Delivery Manager


Gerald Bergmaier, Service Delivery Manager

The Mountaineer: Gerald climbed the career ladder just like he is climbing the Unterberg. He first started at SPAR ICS as an intern and continued working part-time until he finished University. Subsequently, he was offered a full-time Job and took on the team lead soon after. He is now the team leader of the Service Management Team and Service Delivery Manager, ensuring the optimum quality of the services that SPAR ICS provides to its customers!


What did you do before you started at SPAR ICS?

I was studying at the University of Applied Sciences when I applied at SPAR ICS for an internship. After half a year of being an intern, I stayed marginally employed while finishing my diploma thesis and got hired full-time afterwards. So basically, I am working for SPAR ICS since finishing University.


What is your job at SPAR ICS?

I am the team leader of the "Service Management" – we are responsible forall processes including tools that are essential for our services. This includes services reporting, monitoring, configuration management and much more. I first started at the data centre, moved on to operate the Windows Server systems and for a few years now I am team leader. 

What does a typical working day look like for you?

There is no such thing like a "typical working day" – every day is different: New and exciting topics, an international working environment. The area of service management in particular is characterised by rapid change - there are new requirements or changes every day, and great flexibility is needed to master the challenges in this environment on a daily basis.


Tell us about your most exciting working day at SPAR ICS so far.

It's hard to pick a single day after 13 years of working. but there is one thing I always appreciated, and that motivated me throughout those years: SPAR ICS provides an immense programme for further education and training – for personal and professional development.

What project are you particularly proud of?

We have recently introduced a new, forward-looking LogAnalytics solution, which has met with great interest among all colleagues and makes your daily work much easier. Here we have created added value for all our customers, which makes me personally very happy and proud! 😊 

What do you appreciate most working for SPAR ICS?

There is no day like the other! When I am on my way to work in the mornings, I never know for 100% what will expect me. You need to be flexible and able to change subjects spontaneously. Also, I appreciate the close working relationship with my colleagues a lot.



Nomen est Omen: Gerald spends his leisure time preferably in the Austrian mountains. There is one thing that helps him to overcome daily work stress: action!

Mountain biking, Skiing ... – Gerald loves the feeling of freedom being off the tracks and (as well) getting down in one piece. Therefore, he needs to evaluate risks, concentrate and trust his strengths in technical sections as well as keeping a cool head during adrenaline rushes – which helps him in private as well as in professional life.